Our Bay City Team

Bay City Gymnastics Academy competes under USA Gymnastics Rules & Procedures. We pride ourselves in assuring that our gymnasts have a positive experience and look forward to being in the gym.

Team placement is by evaluation and invitation. If you are interested in competitive gymnastics, please call, come by or complete the form below for more information. We are happy to meet you and discuss the opportunity. For more info on Competetive Gymnastics, click these links:
The Alabama USAG Website
The USA Gymnastics Website

Fall 2016 Recreation Gymnastics & Fitness Schedule

Tiny Mites
Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-4:30 Judy
Level 2    
Monday & Friday 3:30-5:30 Lisa
Level 3    
Monday 5:00-7:30 Lisa
Tuesday 3:30-6:00 Lisa
Thursday 3:30-6:00 Lisa
Level 4 & 5    
Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-7:00 Judy
Friday 3:30-6:00 Judy
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-7:15 Karen
Friday 3:30-6:00 Karen
Bronze Excel    
Monday 5:00-7:30 Chelle
Wednesday 4:30-6:30 Chelle
Friday 3:30-5:30 Jackie
Silver/Gold Excel    
Tuesday 3:30-7:00 Jackie
Wednesday 3:30-6:30 Jackie
Thursday 3:30-6:30 Jackie